Bibliography: French Literature

French Language Books on India

Here is a link to a bibliography prepared by Ian Magedera that lists more than a thousand titles, including texts from the following eighteen different genres: administrative, anthropological, biographical, bibliographical commercial, economic, ethnographical, fine art, geographical, historical, legal, literary, medical, philosophical, political, religious, as well as examples of bande dessinée and travel narratives. Given both this vast range of different approaches and the diversity of landscapes and cultures that the regions which are now known as India offer those writing in French, it is not surprising that innovation and discovery are two of the most common elements found in French-language texts.

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  1. Yes this was a large-scale bibliographical project completed by a project team which also included Corinne Francois-Deneve, Kate Marsh and Mircea Itu. Colleagues at the Bibliotheque nationale de France made a crucial advance by linking many bibliographical entries to the Gallica electronic library. Annotation were provided by dozen other colleagues from France, India, UK and Canada. IM

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