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Envisioning the Indian City: Spaces of Encounter- Inaugural Liverpool Reading Group Seminar (ETIC-RGS)

 1:30–4:30 pm Thursday 23 May in the Old Library, 19 Abercromby Square (refreshments provided)

Building number 148 on the campus map

Across a wide range of disciplines, the city has long provided a critical site for studying the major social, cultural and intellectual developments in any historical era. The ETIC project seeks to further our understanding of the crucial role played by Indian cities in negotiating contact between India and the world, and Europe in particular. The ETIC team comprises of a wide-ranging group of scholars and institutions from India and the UK, whose work will provide multidisciplinary, regional and historical coverage through its focus on 4 Indian cities (Goa, Kolkata, Pondicherry/Auroville, Chandigarh). The main objectives of ETIC are to examine the following broad areas of inquiry:

(1) how and why the city has functioned as the focus of cross-cultural exchanges in both colonial and post-colonial India;

(2) the nature of the marks that such exchanges have left on the socio-cultural and imaginative identities of the cities in question;

(3) the ways in which they have shaped, and been shaped by, the urban space and the physical fabric of the city in each case; and

(4) the ways in which the nature of such exchanges vary both synchronically, across geographical regions in the same period, and diachronically, across historical periods (sixteenth century till the present).

The aim of the ETIC Reading Group Seminar is peer review of the project’s aims and a refinement of its scope and methodology  via targeted interventions from external speakers and a round-table discussion of two influential theoretical texts (see links below to reading  and extract on the ETIC project’s methodology from bid documentation).


1:00 – 1:30 participants gather

1:30- 1:50 a brief update on the progress of the project strands Nandini Das, Liverpool (Goa), Supriya Chaudhuri, Jadavpur University (Kolkata), Ian Jackson (Chandigarh), Ian Magedera (Pondicherry/Auroville)

External Speaker Interventions

1:50-2:00: Steve Legg (University of Nottingham).

2:00-2:10 discussion

2:10-2:20 Tania Sengupta (UCL)

2:20-2:30 discussion

2:30- 2:45 tea/coffee

2:50-: 3:10 Round Table discussion of Simmel’s ‘The Metropolis and Mental Life’ (pp. 69-79) (See bibliography for full citation) introduced by Ian Magedera, and ‘Collective Emotion and Urban Culture‘ by Kevin Robins, in Patsy Healy, Stuart Cameron, Simin Davoudi, et al (eds) Managing Cities: The New Urban Context, John Wiley (1995) introduced by Nandini Das

3:10-3:3:30 Round Table discussion on second theoretical text (TBC, email to follow)

3:30- 3:50 General comments on ETIC methodology and approach

3:50-4:00 Thanks and date for next ETIC-RGS.

From 4:00 informal discussion in a different venue

Participants: Nandini Das (English, Liverpool), Iain Jackson (Architecture, Liverpool), Supriya Chaudhuri (English, Jadavpur University), Tania Sengupta (Architecture, UCL), Soumyen Bandyopadhay (Architecture, Nottingham Trent), Chris Pearson (History, Liverpool), Ian Magedera (French, Liverpool), Andy Davies (Geography, Liverpool), Steve Legg (Geography, Nottingham), Oliver Urquart Irvine (British Library), Andrew Popp (Management School, Liverpool)

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