Flickr Group Launch

As part of our international research, the ETIC project are launching an open source Flickr group ( to create a new visual record of the rich urban histories of our four focal cities: Goa, Kolkata, Pondicherry and Chandigarh.

We welcome contributions from everyone, not only those with an academic interest in the cities. Submissions may take the form of photographs, posters, postcards, prints in which the city is a visible presence.  We look forward to receiving personal visual images to build up a collective picture of what the cities mean to those who have inhabited them in the past, and/or live there now.

We are asking contributors to either upload via Flickr <; or email us <>, along with credits and captions. Please tweet and share this link via social media, Facebook and email so that we can build up a plentiful archive.

The ETIC project is the first time that an attempt is being made to go beyond single-discipline approaches to understand how these cities were shaped by Indian and European exchanges. ETIC has brought together literary scholars, architects, art historians, social scientists and urban geographers. It combines frontline, ‘on-site’ research with a pooling of expertise and access to crucial archival material in both countries, placing geographically and culturally specific research on Indian cities on the map of global research into the idea of the city.


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