Background to the ETIC Project

Welcome to the Envisioning the Indian City project blog

This project seeks to further our understanding of the crucial role played by Indian cities in negotiating contact between India and Europe, and the UK in particular.
Its 4 main objectives are:
(1) to examine how and why cities functioned as the focus of cross-cultural exchanges both in colonial and post-colonial India;
(2) to compile case-studies exploring marks left by such exchanges on the socio-cultural and imaginative identities of particular cities;
(3) to analyse their impact on the physical fabric of the cities; and
(4) to create a conceptual map of how such exchanges vary both synchronically and diachronically.

For a more detailed description of the project, please see the About page.

We welcome comments and suggestions and would be delighted to hear your views on the ‘Indian City’. If you have any photographs, paintings, maps or other such ephemera that in some way reveals how the Indian city was viewed by ‘outsiders’ then please get in touch; we would very much like to collaborate with you.