The work on Goa will examine the city/port as a space of encounter, and identify its key representations in text and art produced by early European travelers. Led by Professor Nandini Das, University of Liverpool, the main case-study will focus on Goa in the late sixteenth century.

The main output of this study will be an examination of the first voyage to India undertaken by English merchants in 1583. Long before the establishment of the East India Company, the events associated with this foundational voyage reveal the multiple European and local forces at work in Goa in this period.

Archival work will include a review of material on Goa held at the India Office Records (British Library) and at archives in India.

External collaborations are especially welcome from scholars working on Portuguese and Jesuit presence in Goa in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Additional collaboration is invited from scholars working on cross-cultural contact in Goa in later periods, particularly in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


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